The missed opportunity in your university education

Ask anyone: the purpose of a university education is evolving. No longer is it sufficient to simply go to university to attain a piece of paper. Now, most careers require graduates to have competencies beyond the ones learned in a lecture hall… ones that are found when students invest in their own personal development.

The problem is, there’s a missed opportunity in the current system. Not only is there a lack of emphasis on the importance of personal development, but there are few spaces for students to think about and set aspirations for themselves, take on areas that need improvement, and develop an appreciation for the journey of growth.

At Relearn Habits, we believe that personal development is the crux of an individual’s growth and progress. By definition, it’s about fulfilling on human potential.

We are an organization that’s created The Habit Course, a course that provides tools to leverage day-to-day habits to achieve success (however you may define success for yourself). In the twelve courses we’ve put on in the past two years, we’ve seen that exposure to personal development causes participants to have more confidence, direction, and agency in their lives. Students have applied our methodologies in all areas from academics and extracurricular activities, to health and well-being.

We do this by creating an environment where self-discovery is taught and encouraged; we shine a light into the unfamiliar corners of your brain and take a microscope to the little things that cause you to be stuck. The result? Taking control of what you can, letting go of what you can’t, and freeing you from the clutter that gets in the way.

Is it difficult? Hell yes, but it’s necessary. It is undeniable that university breeds an environment of anxiety and uncertainty that gets exacerbated by looming questions such as “how do I make the most of my university education?”  and “how do I set myself up for the future?”  

Life can be especially stressful and busy for student leaders and high achievers. They are the ones who go above and beyond to make a difference in their communities. Although they are amongst the most capable, we believe that they are also the ones who need the greatest support. From the graduates that we’ve seen go through the Habit Course, the one statement that we hear most often is “I wish I had learned this sooner when I was in school”.

This is why we’re offering a limited edition of The Habit Course to UBC student leaders. For free.

So if you’re a student leader and you’re out to do big things in your life, we want to hear from you. Through The Habit Course, you’ll be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals, you will learn practical skills rooted in habit formation, and you’ll be able to directly apply what you learn to what’s most important to you.  For all your goals, big and small, it all begins with habits and making direct changes to your day-to-day.

This is for student leaders who want to be a part of something innovative, cutting-edge, and non-traditional. Personal and professional development primarily begins in people’s careers and professional lives, but we see the opportunity in bringing it to the university space amongst student leaders.

Submit an application for a spot in our upcoming Habit Course starting September 27th, or check out our Facebook page for more info.



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