A 5 Week Immersive Course on How to Build and Maintain New Habits

The Habit Course

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The Habit Course – Student Leaders @UBC


 May 24, 31, June 7, 14, 21 2018 


630pm to 9pm




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The Habit Course – Public @Online


 September 2018 






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The Habit Course

The habit course is a 5 week immersive learning experience designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to build and maintain new habits. Out of your participation in the course, you will be able to:


effective and ineffective habits that will provide you access to elevated performance.


new habits that are consistent with the realization of your goals and commitments.


your capacity to sustain and regulate habits of your choosing.


the habit lens to engage more effectively with yourself and others.




Why Habits Matter

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. - Aristotle


Habits are everywhere and constitute a huge, and often hidden, aspect of our lives.

In fact, a study at Duke University showed that over 40% of the actions we take are not due to conscious decisions, but habits.

We believe this is a massive opportunity for creating sustainable changes in behaviour and empowering people to effectively reach their goals. We have designed the Habit Course to directly address this and put participants on the right pathway. And, we invite you to join us in doing so with a group of people: it’s more effective and much more fun.

  • What if you could rework your morning routine to best suit what you’re up to?
  • Do you have any un-helpful habits that you want to get rid of?
  • Is there a habit you’ve tried to implement and failed?
  • What if you actually fulfilled on your New Year’s resolutions?

Course Overview and Design

The purpose of the Habit Course is to enable you to create new habits that allow you to achieve goals that matter to you.


We have used the most recent developments in adult education in designing the Habit Course, grounding ourselves in sound research-based principles of good teaching. This allowed us to create a course that goes way beyond providing our participants with mere information but rather an integral experience that invites each participant to revisit themselves and their habits.

The course is designed around four core elements:


You will have access to the most recent and cutting edge developments in neuroscience and cognitive psychology without having to immerse yourself in its literature.


You will engage in research-based tested activities and practices which give you the biggest leverage point to create and maintain new habits. 


You will learn how to bring awareness to unconscious habits and strengthen your willpower, dramatically expanding your abilities to take new actions in your life.  


 You will unearth blindspots and integrate new knowledge with previous beliefs, giving you a brand new look at yourself and your life.


The course is held over five weeks. Each week includes a 2½ hour session lead by two co-facilitators. Sessions are highly engaging, interactive and fun. In between sessions, you will work on your habits, implementing what you learned in class. Each participant is assigned a partner and responsible to hold each other accountable.

  • 5 weeks course
  • weekly 2½ hour sessions
  • weekly meeting with your accountability partner
  • weekly habit practice
  • weekly email check-in


  • Finally working on something that I have been putting off for YEARS and seeing a result over the 5 weeks of the course is really great!

    Past participant
  •  Unlike any other course I’ve taken, the Habit Course put me in a safe environment and challenged me to think and approach myself differently. I discovered how habits can get me where I want to be.  

    Past participant
  • When is the last time you did something for the first time? When is the last time you felt vulnerable and took a chance?

    Past Participant
  • Take the Habit Course as soon as you can. If you put the effort in , this course will be amongst the most important courses you take in your life. The amount of growth you experience in such a short period of time is amazing. This class gave me the tools and support system to build the habits that will ultimately lead me to live the life I want to live.

    Past Participant

Curators & Facilitators

This course is the co-creation of a team of passionate educators, entrepreneurs, innovators and life-long learners who want to share practical and proven approaches to increasing performance and living well.

David Headshot

David Kohler, Ph.D.

Curator, Facilitator

David is a passionate of education: a multiple award winning teacher, a teacher trainer and personal coach. He is currently the Academic Director at RED Academy after having completed his doctoral dissertation in mathematics.

Cole Headshot smiling

Cole Nakatani

Curator, Facilitator

Cole has a passion for designing and facilitating transformational learning experiences. He is the founder of Ideahack Creative, an innovative digital services agency. As a self-proclaimed ‘education hacker’, Cole has been exploring and testing alternative methods to education and learning that enable post-secondary students, professionals and entrepreneurs to thrive in the 21st century.

Mark Headshot

Mark McCoy


Mark is a highly sought after coach with 7 years of experience working with university students and young professionals. He currently works as a management consultant in New York. His motto is Seek.Become.Inspire as he firmly believes that the most successful leaders and coaches are those who have already done the work on themselves.


Chloe Tarbet


Chloe is a huge believer in lifelong learning. Her experiences both at UBC and post-graduation has deepened that belief, with The Habit Course being a significant experience that’s shaped a reorientation towards choosing the path of growth. As a regular workshop presenter for university students and an active member of the Vancouver community, Chloe is well-known for the energy and enthusiasm she brings to any talk or project.


Rosy Lee


Rosy is the Admissions and Student Engagement Coordinator at Lighthouse Labs, an 8-week intensive and immersive coding bootcamp that is changing the way people are educated. Passionate about student development, experiential education and disruptive education, Rosy is eager to grow The Habit Course at the post-secondary level. She is a community-builder and a connector with a knack for turning ideas into action.


Corey Leung

Community Manager

Corey is proof that the Habit Course works — after being a participant in the course, he experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth and saw a ton of new results. Corey was then inspired to join the Relearn Habits team to help create positive change in the lives of others. Professionally, he is a Digital Marketer who loves playing around with data. Corey is excited to grow The Habit Course and continue to challenge the norms of traditional education.

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